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November 09, 2008

Dynamo Huh?

Some things we learned today:

  • Dane Richards is very, very fast.
  • Wade Barrett, Eddie Robinson, Bobby Boswell and Richard Mulrooney are not.
  • Dwayne DeRosario is a shadow of his former self
  • Brian Ching needs service
  • Dave van den Bergh and Dane Richards are better than Brad Davis and Brian Mullan, meaning the latter two were unable to get Brian Ching much service.
  • Kei Kamara is not good enough to start at forward in MLS. He wasn't earlier in the season, and he isn't now.

The Dynamo had their chances, but in the first half, they just couldn't convert. Barrett had that strong run into the box with a shot just wide, and Ching wasn't able to latch onto that misplayed ball from Danny Cepero. Unfortunately for Houston, it was the last mistake Cepero would make, as the Red Bull goalkeeper came up big on about a half-dozen second half chances for the guys in the orange shirts.

New York's defense, despite this anomaly, still doesn't inspire much confidence, and if Houston had clawed back to 2-1 during that early stretch in the second half -- I think it was between the 55th and 60 minutes or so when they were putting the pressure on -- either Goldthwaite or Boyens would have picked up a second yellow and the whole thing would have gone sideways for Juan Carlos Osorio's team. But they didn't and now we've got a really odd matchup of New York and Salt Lake next week at Rio Tinto.

Have Luke Sassano and Sinisa Ubiparapovic been the answer for the New York midfield all along? Will Javier Morales prove more of a test for that suspect backline than DeRo did? Will Dema get his revenge? Will the Fire get to end Osorio's season once and for all in Carson? Does Chris Wingert really wear number 17 because of the Winger song? Tune in next Saturday to find out...


Awesome post and blog; question: Why is New York in the West?

Because they were the last wild card entry and five teams made it from the east, three from the west. By rule, if there's a fifth-place team in, they slide to the other conference.

So, yeah, New York could be the Western Conference champion and play either Chicago or Columbus, both of whom are west of New York, in the final.

Is there a Western Conference championship trophy? Wouldn't it be New York's first (after the Malaga Cup, of course)? Nice addition to the trophy case.

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