Thursday, August 21 at Lincoln Hall, 2424 North Lincoln (Andrew Fraker & Sons)
Saturday, September 6 at Fado Irish Pub, 100 West Grand (DIVER)

COZ SINGS: (almost) every Tuesday night at the Vaughan's Open Jam along with members of DIVER

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January 02, 2014

Housekeeping note

NP: Frank Zappa, Apostrophe

Since I'm only really updating these days, I'm turning comments off across the site for the time being. It's been nothing but comment spam for a long time, so until I actually rebuild the entire architecture of the site so that I can deal with it properly, I'm just going to disable the functionality until further notice.

I would apologize for the inconvenience if anyone were actually reading...

July 07, 2013

Slacker Profiteering

NP: Wimbledon Mens Final

So, I switched my cell phone provider last month. When my last bill came due, I explicitly checked with Sprint to see if said bill was for past charges or future charges, because I didn't want to overpay, and if I could wrap the whole thing at once, I would.

They said the charges were for expected monthly usage, that I shouldn't pay my current bill yet, and that the next one would have the final amount owed. You can imagine I was somewhat surprised when my next bill included the entire amount of the previous bill, plus a late fee.

It's been resolved, but I have to wonder if this was just an innocent mistake, in that they legitimately forgot to add the credit to my account that they explicitly told me I would be receiving, or if they deliberately leave these errors in place on the off chance that customers just reflexively pay their bills without looking at them. If I hadn't made that initial contact to figure it out, I may very well have done that.

June 20, 2013

In My Defense

NP: Secret Machines, Ten Silver Drops

So, is over ten years old. Back then, blogs were a thing, and I had a lot more free time on my hands, especially since I launched the site in its current form during a two-year lull between full-time jobs.

What I'm saying is that I apologize to anyone still paying attention for the lack of content, but I'm not going to promise anything is going to change all that much in the near term. Unless I suddenly find myself able to do a serious redesign that kills off the discrete sections in lieu of a more unified stream of content, so at least the stuff I have been doing ends up front and center. So if you're clever with MovableType, or clever at migrating MT over to WordPress, please drop me a line.

I mean, I still have opinions about stuff.

I'm good for one of these non-post posts about every eighteen months, I think.


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